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  • James Jaison

    James, the Director of Business Development at Fracas Digital, adeptly merges strategic business development with creative content creation, seamlessly navigating the dynamic Web3 landscape. Leading a full-cycle Web3 agency, James identifies and pursues new opportunities while crafting compelling narratives that showcase the agency's expertise. Beyond attracting clients, his content creation reflects a deep belief in the power of storytelling to shape perceptions and drive change in the digital realm. James's keen eye for emerging trends and technologies is translated into engaging blog posts that demystify Web3 complexities and make its transformative potential accessible. He envisions a future where Web3 empowers businesses and uses his words to paint a vivid picture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and community, guiding readers through the uncharted territories of this revolutionary technology. James's content creation is not just about crafting words; it is about crafting the future of Web3, serving as a beacon of inspiration for pioneers in the Web3 frontier.