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  • Jason St-Paul

    Jason St-Paul, a Lead Artist at Fracas Digital since September 2022, brings a wealth of experience and education, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and Illustration as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Animation. With a background as a Game Artist at Spilt Milk Studios Ltd., Jason possesses a diverse skill set, including character design, environment design, texture art, concept art, 3D modeling, and animation. He is known for his passion in creating visually appealing experiences for players and is recognized as a team player always willing to support his colleagues. Jason's responsibilities at Fracas Digital include leading and mentoring a team, collaborating with designers and developers, staying updated on web3 trends, managing projects, and providing ongoing client support post-launch. In addition to his core duties, Jason plays a key role in recruiting and training new artists, promoting Fracas Digital's work in the web3 community, and actively advocating for web3 technology's revolutionary potential. Overall, Jason is considered a valuable asset to Fracas Digital, contributing significantly to the company's success with his artistic talents and deep understanding of web3 technology.