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  • Quentin Desmet

    Quentin Desmet, the vibrant Community Manager at Fracas Digital, is the driving force behind the flourishing online communities that fuel the company's Web3 projects. With a passion for fostering connections and igniting engagement, Desmet expertly builds cohesive communities of Web3 enthusiasts, ensuring Fracas Digital's platforms remain vibrant hubs of discussion and innovation. His day-to-day activities involve engaging conversations, creative content creation, and thoughtful community moderation, empowering members to thrive in the dynamic world of Web3. Desmet's storytelling prowess transforms complex Web3 concepts into accessible pieces, fueling excitement among community members. As a guardian of Fracas Digital's online spaces, he ensures respectful and inclusive interactions, while his dedication to community growth extends to organizing impactful online events and building strategic partnerships. With a data-driven approach, Desmet tracks community metrics, propelling Fracas Digital's innovative projects to new heights through a vibrant ecosystem of engaged Web3 enthusiasts. His commitment to community building is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration in the boundless potential of Web3.