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What is Facebook Business Manager?

Social media has become a necessity for any and every business manager to understand in order to be successful. Having one Facebook page to advertise your business is not enough. People will not just stumble upon your page all the time, and you need to know how to boost your online image; so that people will not just click next. 

Although a personal account on Facebook will allow you to set a few ads, using Facebook Business Manager will enable you to truly optimise your use of the social media site. 

Who is Facebook Business Manager Targeted Towards? 

Are you a business manager or ads manager who wants to help your business grow and expand your business assets? 

No matter if you are an experienced Instagram and Facebook user with your own personal profile or if this is your first Facebook experience; Facebook Business Manager has been constructed to help you out. 

As a Business Manager, or someone in a similar role; your role may have be a lot more all-encompassing than jut setting up a Facebook Ad or Instagram Account. 

However, I can assure you that your job will be made infinitely easier if your business is successful through the use of ad accounts like these. 

Facebook Business Manager is targeted towards those who want to operate a Facebook ad account to the best of their ability. 

In its simplest sense, the app helps you manage your Facebook, manage your business, and become a better business manager. 

How to Set up Facebook Business Manager

The first initial step in setting up your Facebook business manager account is to use your personal Facebook account to verify who you are. 

If you do not have your own personal Facebook account, start with that before you read the rest of this article. Getting started with social media is fairly self explanatory and easy, so don't worry if you feel like a novice. 

Once this initial step towards having your ad account is all sorted, it's time to head over to and click 'Create an Account'. You then need to enter a business name, your own name, and then a company email address. 

You can edit all of your other settings after you're all set up. Keep in mind that the email address you put in at this stage is where all the relevant data and updates regarding your Facebook business manager account will be sent. 

You're ready for the next step in becoming a tried and true Facebook business manager. 

The Next Step in your Facebook Business Manager Journey

It's now time to add your ad account. 

It's important to remember that anyone who has admin access to the page you have created will now have access to all your pages and ad accounts. 

They can also change relevant business settings, and use business manager just like you can. So have a little think about who you want having access to your Facebook pages. 

There should be a screen right in front of you which has three panels. You should have access to a 'Page' tab, an 'Ad Account' tab, and a 'People' tab. 

Let's start out with the 'Page' tab. On this tab you can: 
  • Add a page you own
  • Request Access to a Page
  • Create a new Facebook Page 

Start by adding a page, and go from there. As a business manager, you can decide to delegate these next steps by giving out employee access, or do it yourself. 

I would always recommend to add people if you can, especially when undertaking such an important and business critical task. 

You create a new page, and then your click on the add button. Easy as that! You can click 'add page' as many times as you want, as there is no limit once you 'create account'; but try not to clog up your Facebook business manager early on. 

Involve your team members in these processes to maintain a cohesive team who know how to manage these pages when you're not around. 

Using the Business Manager Now That It's Set Up:

You can add more than one Facebook page and multiple Instagram accounts to your Facebook Business Manager at once. 

If, for example; you have five branches of one company, each with a separate Facebook page; you can link all of the Facebook pages into the one Facebook business manager to streamline Facebook advertising, while making sure all of your online business assets are in one place.

All of your employees can request access to this joint Facebook and Instagram account tool; streamlining them all into one ad account. 

The clever thing about this tool is that ad campaigns can be created which can be applied to all of your pages; but the ads manager also allows the ad accounts to operate independently of each other. 

Now your Business Manager is set up, it is time to use Facebook Business for what it is really known for: The Ad Account and Ads Manager. 

Creating an Ad Account

The next step in Facebook advertising is setting up an ad account to allow you to create Facebook Ads. Both your Facebook ad accounts and Facebook page can be managed from your business settings in business manager. 

It is possible to create up to five different Facebook ad accounts on one Business Manager, and request access to other Ad accounts through your business manager as well. 

Facebook advertising can be very lucrative, and doing it through business manager allows you to manage your team and assets all in one place. 

First, it is important to add team members and give them the ones you trust to manage and maintain your assets admin access to the Facebook business account. This means that you are not just managing the ad account on your own. 

For bigger companies, it might even be a good idea to have a dedicated ad manager to be in control of your Facebook ads full time. 

Having a Facebook ad account is a good idea, even if you have only just started to use business manager and don't even know what a Facebook pixel is yet. 

It is important to set the basics up when you create your ad account, by selecting your currency for payment, being sure of who is going to manage your pages and ad accounts, and giving your Page and Ad Account a name. As you develop your ads manager, it will become an important business asset. 

Quick Note: Advertising is not for the faint of heart! Pick your partners in this venture carefully, and ensure that when you add people to the ad accounts, that they have the right skillset to manage the data and business assets that you are putting in their hands.

Now it's time to Organise Payment for your Facebook Ads

Unfortunately, Business manager is not free; and Facebook Ads cost money! Being a manager is nnot all about curating business assets, but also about using them as payment to eventually create more assets. 

Go to the account button, click business settings, and then you can go to the Billing management settings. Click 'add a payment method'; and you're good to go. 

Once you have ensured that this payment method is all good to go, you can start your advertising campaigns, because your new ad account is ready to become another one of your business assets. 

As a Business Manager, Facebook Ads and management of your business page can not only help you expand your assets, but also allow you to do so with ease. Whether you're organising payment, trying to edit, trying to 'add page', or changing your business settings; Business Manager is built to help you operate Facebook ads and your Manager tool with the greatest of ease. 

Create A New Ad

Let's give it a go! Go ahead and create an ad for your business. 

Your pages ad accounts (with a click of your account button), will allow you to switch it up with a different ad, use different data sources, add partners to some of your campaigns, and add people when you want to. 

You can use your business manager account to create whatever kind of Facebook Ads you want to and be whatever kind of business manager you want to be. 

If you find that your account and page is working for you and bringing in new assets; try creating another page. You're a business manager, go! 

A great thing to try out is adding product catalogs or linking partners to your new page to boost your audience base. 

The one piece of advice I would give is that you should manage who has access to these assets and who can add pages, ad accounts, and other adjustments; and request access to your Business manager account. 

To Conclude

Now that you have created your business manager account, it is time to have a bit of fun with it. Being a manager isn't always about straight faced business and ensuring that you manage access and assets like a dictator. 

Try out different campaigns. Campaigns work great on business manager, and they can accentuate advertising and entice new partners to add themselves to your fold. 

Edit your product catalogs so that it looks good on your pages ad accounts in your new business manager. Although you do need to manage access, Facebook advertising was created to be shared with a team and with partners. 

So change your settings, click add, and don't keep all the fun parts to yourself. 

Good Luck with Your New Facebook Business Manager!