De.Fi: Web3 Revolution Redefined

De.Fi is a platform that combines the features of Web3 socialFi and antivirus for DeFi users. On top of this, users get to enjoy several exciting features, such as portfolio tracking, scanning smart contracts, monitoring wallets, exploring yield opportunities, and avoiding risks across over 43 different chains. 

De.Fi also provides a De.Fi score that assesses the safety and trustworthiness of any smart contract based on various criteria.

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Seizing The Crypto Momentum

According to Statista, the cryptocurrency industry is set to grow by 13.98% from 2023 to 2027. While De.Fi has recorded massive success in other web3 spheres, this is an opportunity the company couldn’t resist. Thus, they decided to launch a token accordingly. Of course, with us, Fracas, by their side, to ensure everything works as it should. 

Full Spectrum Support From Fracas

Having managed several successful projects there over the years, it was relatively easy for our Web3 firm to convince De.Fi to help them with regional European marketing to launch their token. We didn’t stop there, either. Fracas also oversees ongoing blockchain development for the project to keep it agile and scalable. And by the way, you can count on us for other services like crypto community management, Twitter marketing services, Telegram community management, discord bot, and web development.

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