Introducing LuckyPunx

LuckyPunx is a collection of 7,777 unique NFTs based on the Japanese beckoning cat (Maneki Neko). The project was created by a team of digital artists with over 20 years of experience working with global brands. 

The community is united by their love for Chinese folklore. From the art, you can easily deduce that this project was conceived from the founders’s passion for Asian sub-culture, and Japanese design sensibilities. These include animes, fashion, and even music.

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Sold out mint


collection on Opensea

10 000

Platform user growth

“The founders of LUCKY PUNX, consisting of digital agency Spicerack and a successful graphic artist, invited Fracas to a 5-way pitch, which we won quite easily.
Their knowledge of the NFT marketing industry impressed us, and we have enjoyed an engaging and rewarding relationship with them since day one.

Amongst many other marketing and strategic functions, they are largely responsible for the impressive community built prior to our mint, which sold out in under 12 hours, and made the Opensea Trending no.1 spot within 24 hours.”

We view Fracas as part of our team as we begin to build our minted project into a brand.”

This is from Dave Harrison – Founding Director of Spicerack

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The Rise and Potential of the NFT Industry

Every recent indication points to the fact that the NFT industry is a rapidly growing sector of the digital economy, especially with the emergence of NFT game development solutions. While the hype might not be as prominent as it was in, say 2021, the market is still worth over $10 billion today, so there are still opportunities for you to leverage. 

Fracas's Role in LuckyPunx’s Success

During the bear market, where multiple big projects struggle to sell out their collections, our Web 3.0 company helped LuckyPunx navigate this roadblock. 

Fracas provided end-to-end marketing solutions, including Twitter marketing, personalized NFT development and marketing crypto community management and PR services for the project. In order to manage the communities better on discord, Fracas also offers discord bot development. We also helped with a level blockchain development. After eight months of service, here are some results.

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