Pesky Penguins: A Fun and Deflationary NFT Collection

Pesky Penguins is one of Solana’s most successful collections, featuring cute and quirky penguins that are built for everyone. The project combines art, gaming, and community in a unique way, creating a loyal fan base and a vibrant ecosystem. The project has a total supply of 10 million penguins, of which 2 million are already minted and available on Magic Eden, one of the leading NFT marketplaces.

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trading volume

40 000

X followers

10 000

Platform user growth

The NFT Industry: A Growing and Diverse Market

The NFT industry is booming, with more than $10 billion worth of NFT sales in 2021 alone. Although the hype has reduced in recent years, that’s still not surprising considering that we are currently in a bear market.

This hasn’t stopped projects like Pesky Penguins from taking advantage of NFTs, of course, with a Web3 agency like Fracas to help.

one of Solana’s most successful collections

combines art, gaming, and community

Philip Martinez

How We Played a Role in the Pesky Penguins’ Success

Fracas is a Web 3 agency that excels at providing end-to-end marketing and community services to NFT projects. We are also pros when it comes to public relations for NFT projects, Discord group moderation and blockchain development.

Thanks to our efforts, Pesky Penguins became one of the most successful collections on Solana, generating enviable marketing results on Twitter, and other channels. We can attribute this success to our marketing and crypto community management services.

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