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Lil Pudgys

Lil Pudgys

Owner: 0xf54c9a0e44a5f5afd27c7ac8a176a843b9114f1d

Lil Pudgys is a collection of 22,222 NFTs originating from Pudgy Penguins. Don’t let their small stature fool you, Lil Pudgys are an integral piece of the Pudgy Penguins history. Their story began during the most frigid of winters. In the midst of adversity, the birth of the Lil Pudgys helped spark new-life into the Pudgy Penguins community.

With their unique traits and personalities, there’s a Lil Pudgy for everyone. Lil Pudgy holders receive exclusive access to experiences, events, IP licensing opportunities and more.

Pudgy Collections:
Pudgy Penguins | Pudgy Rods

Crosschain Lil Pudgys:
Bridge | Polygon | Binance | Arbitrum
Volume: 225 ETH Sales: 260