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A great website design is nothing but a delicate balance between exciting features and usability. But the kicker here is that getting this sweet spot right isn’t always a walk in the park—it demands extensive usability testing, customer research, and various processes.

We understand your time is precious, so our crypto web design agency is here to lift that burden and create a stellar website for you.

In everything we do, Fracas Web3 agency prioritizes the user experience. This means you’re not just getting a visually appealing website; you’re also enhancing your chances of ranking on Google and attracting new leads.

Putting your Site on Center Stage

Crypto and NFT web design services are only worthwhile if your website gets seen in the first place. Far too many businesses spend time and money creating stunning websites, all without giving a second thought to how people will find their site once it goes live.

We won’t let your website be a needle in a haystack. Our Web 3.0 team is well-versed in digital marketing and will deploy a range of free and paid strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing techniques, alongside our website design services.

We provide an end-to-end support service that’ll get your site seen.

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Getting the job done



We'll conduct a thorough market analysis, A/B, and usability tests and carefully implement the insights on your website. In the end, we’ll leave you equipped to take on your competitors with a website that is both functional and attractive.

User Persona Mapping

Users are the beating heart of every online business, and you need to cater to them in a specific and targeted way. We'll take the time to carefully map out your clientele personas and use this resource to design a website that appeals to your audience and drives conversions.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is an essential ingredient of all great user experiences. What is information architecture? Well, it's the practice of organizing, structuring, and labeling content to help your users find what they need when they need it. Which is exactly what we'll do.

Winning Wireframes

Every website we design starts life as a wireframe. This process will support us (and you) in designing a user experience that really works. You’ll get a responsive web design at its best and your site will be a real asset from the moment it goes live. This holds for our blockchain web design as well.

Creative Design

With years of applying an artistic touch to the business world under our belts, we'll flex our creative muscles to produce an engaging and impactful website that's true to your brand. From a colorful new website to a minimalist rebrand, we'll breathe life into your vision.

Strategic Deployment

We go beyond just the initial design; we strategically launch and optimize your website to make a lasting impact. We're not just aiming for your success; we're dedicated to achieving it, ensuring your online presence scales seamlessly.
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How to Get Started

1. It starts with your vision.

The first step is to share your vision and ideas with us. Whether it’s an idea scrawled on a napkin or a comprehensive project outline, we’re here to listen. Reach out through our contact form or schedule a consultation call.

2. Tailored consultation 

Once we’ve received your initial contact, we’ll set up a tailored consultation to get into your project’s specifics. This isn’t just about discussing design elements; it’s about understanding your brand, your goals, and your unique challenges.

3. Custom proposal & kick-off

After our consultation, we’ll develop a detailed proposal tailored specifically to your project’s needs. This proposal features design concepts, timelines, and transparent cost structures. Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll kickstart the development while keeping you in the loop.

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Other Services we Offer

Besides NFT and Blockchain web development, we’ve also recorded massive success when it comes to various Web3 services. Some of these include:

Tokenomics consulting 

NFT and Web 3.0 marketing 

Blockchain development 

Conversion rate optimization

Influencer marketing

What is the design agency for Web3?

What is the best color combination for a crypto website?

What is Web 3.0 design?

Web 3.0 design represents the next phase of web development, emphasizing decentralization, user empowerment, and enhanced interconnectivity. It involves integrating blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (DApps) to create a more dynamic, user-centric, and secure online experience.

What should an NFT website have?

An effective NFT website should feature a user-friendly interface, secure blockchain integration, clear explanations of the NFT minting and purchasing process, an organized gallery of NFT collections, and other design elements. There should also be comprehensive information about the artists or creators behind the NFTs. Additionally, robust security measures and transparent ownership details are crucial.

What features do you consider most important in an NFT marketplace?

The most important features of an NFT marketplace include seamless integration with blockchain networks, a user-friendly interface, secure wallet connections for transactions, transparent smart contract functionalities, a search and filtering system for NFT discovery, and comprehensive artist or creator profiles.

What is Web3 UI design?

Web3 UI for landing page design focuses on creating interfaces that align with the principles of Web3. This includes emphasizing decentralization, user control over data, and seamless integration with blockchain technology. The design aims to provide a user-centric experience within a decentralized ecosystem.

Can you make a website on Web3?

Absolutely, our cryptocurrency web design agency specializes in creating websites on Web3. We integrate cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, to craft dynamic, decentralized, and user-centric digital experiences tailored to the Web3 landscape.

How much does it cost to build a Web3 website?

The cost of building crypto websites can vary based on factors such as complexity, features, and specific requirements. We offer tailored solutions to match your needs, ensuring a transparent and competitive pricing structure that aligns with the intricacies of Web3 development.

Does Web3 require coding?

Web3 development often involves coding, particularly for integrating blockchain functionalities and creating decentralized applications (DApps). Our experienced development team is well-versed in the coding languages necessary for Web3, ensuring a seamless and technically proficient implementation.