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Enhance Your Web3 Discord Community with Fracas Discord Bot Moderators

Imagine your Web3 Discord room is overrun with spam, scams, and unwanted promotions. No doubt, that’s not a great look for your project’s credibility and success. But the truth is that if you’re running your Discord community without moderation, you might already be on this bumpy road towards a tarnished reputation.

We understand this reality at Fracas, and that’s why we are very intentional about our Discord services. Part of our crypto community management service offerings includes expert Discord moderation.

In summary, our aim is to help you maintain a clean, secure, and positive environment for your community. Our moderators proactively address these issues, bringing expertise, reliability, and unwavering commitment to your project.

Depending on what your discord communities need exactly, we can moderate your group in two ways: manually or automatically, using Discord Moderation bots.

We have a skilled human Discord moderator team that keeps a watchful eye on your Discord community. They swiftly address issues and maintain the desired level of decorum. Manual moderation is ideal for situations where a personal touch and community building are important.

Alternatively, you can opt for our Discord bots to handle certain services, such as spam removal and maintaining order. This is an excellent choice when you manage large communities or need to address common rule violations.

But in most cases, a combination of both methods may be the most effective approach.

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Our Role in Your Discord Server

Here are just a few ways we ensure your server runs smoothly, is free from disruptions, and fosters a positive atmosphere:


Upholding community guidelines

Essentially, we help you enforce the rules and guidelines you've set to create a respectful and safe environment. But if you don't have rules in place already, don't worry; our Discord services can help you create and enforce custom rules tailored to your community's specific needs.

Swift issue resolution

Your discord group is a heterogeneous mix of people with different perspectives and opinions. So disputes are bound to happen. When they do, we quickly swing into action to address them and prevent them from escalating. Count on us to handle these matters fairly and impartially.

Effective content screening

We use cutting-edge tools and dedicated monitoring to detect and remove spam, scams, and malicious content as soon as we spot them. This extends to removing offensive or inappropriate content as well. That way, you’re one step further towards maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

Member support

Your group members will inevitably need assistance at times. If it's within our scope, we're here to provide support, answer questions, and guide both new and existing members. We know how to encourage them to participate in discussions and facilitate your community's growth.

Positive community interactions

Fracas Discord moderations also promote respectful and meaningful conversations on your server. You can see our track record from these Crypto Bull Society, BRX, and Pesky Penguins case studies. Our presence significantly enhances the quality of discussions going on on your server. We keep every conversation on-topic and friendly for everyone.

Continuous improvement

As a full-cycle Web3 agency, we actively listen to feedback from your community and adapt to improve our moderation approach. When you partner with Fracas, your server is poised for growth. We make our moderation service scalable and dynamic to accommodate your expansion.

We Also Offer…

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How to Get Started

Assess your moderation needs

Before anything else, we’ll work closely with you to understand the specific requirements of your Discord server’s moderation. During this stage, we will identify the areas where moderation is most needed. 

Choose a moderation package

We offer flexible moderation packages to suit various server sizes and complexities. Whether you need a full-scale Discord content moderation team or occasional support, we have a package that fits your bill just fine.

Partner with Fracas

Ready to experience a spam-free and secure Discord community? Join hands with Fracas, and let’s begin the journey to enhancing your server’s environment with our expert Discord moderation services.

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Other Services

Besides Discord group moderation, we are also excellent:

Discord community managers

NFT agency

Crypto marketing agency

Blockchain developers

What are the duties of a moderator?

How to moderate a Discord server in short words?

How do you make someone a moderator on Discord?

To grant moderator privileges to someone on Discord, access your server settings, navigate to the Roles tab, and create a new role dedicated to moderation. 

Define the administrator permissions to include essential moderation abilities, such as deleting messages or managing server members.

Assign this role to the user you wish to make a moderator, granting them the authority to enforce server rules and maintain order. It’s essential to choose individuals you trust and who align with the server’s values.

What are the moderation rules for Discord?

Discord moderation rules serve as a foundational framework for server behavior, aiming to create a welcoming and secure space for all members. These rules typically encompass guidelines against spam and excessive self-promotion, prohibiting hate speech, harassment, or the sharing of sensitive or harmful content.

They also address issues related to privacy and adherence to Discord’s Terms of Service. By enforcing these rules, moderators help maintain a positive and respectful environment where members can engage with confidence, fostering a sense of trust and belonging within the community.

What are the levels of moderation on Discord?

Discord typically offers three levels of moderation roles. The first level of moderation discord is the community server owner, who has full control over the server, its settings, and all moderation functions. 

The second level includes server administrators, who have nearly the same capabilities as the owner but may not be able to delete the server itself. 

The third level consists of moderators, responsible for enforcing server rules, monitoring chats, and maintaining order. 

Each level serves distinct roles in moderating a Discord server, with owners having the highest authority, followed by administrators and moderators.

What is a Discord server moderator?

A Discord server moderator is an individual responsible for overseeing and maintaining order on a server. Their primary role involves enforcing server rules, monitoring conversations, and taking action against rule violations. 

Moderators play a crucial role in preventing spam, scams, and disruptions. They also assist users, answer questions, and ensure a respectful and positive atmosphere. Discord server moderators are essential for creating a secure and enjoyable community experience.

Where is content moderation on Discord?

Content moderation in Discord primarily takes place within individual servers. Server owners and administrators define the rules and guidelines for content moderation.

These rules are enforced by discord moderator services who actively monitor server chats, respond to violations, and take necessary actions, such as issuing warnings, muting users, guiding new members, or removing content that doesn’t adhere to the established rules.

Additionally, Discord provides the option to use moderation bots to automate content filtering and ensure consistent enforcement.

What is a Discord community moderator?

A Discord community moderator is an individual tasked with maintaining order, civility, and adherence to rules within a Discord community, which could encompass multiple servers, voice channels or a broader online space. 

This individual may also oversee several servers or online platforms and work to ensure that users engage respectfully and constructively.

They address violations of community guidelines, assist users, and foster a positive atmosphere, contributing to the overall well-being and reputation of the Discord community they serve.