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Level Up Your Game with Fracas

Fracas is more than just an NFT game development platform. We are a team of passionate and experienced game designers, developers, artists, and marketers who share a common vision: to incorporate NFTs in game, in a way that’s fun, innovative, and profitable. 

Remember Devilfish Poker, the Web3 poker powerhouse with over 1000 game-night attendees and 11,000+ X followers? Yeah, that was us. We also have a significant input in game marketing for Square Enix’s symbiogensis.

This tells you our Web3 agency has the skills, services, tools, and resources to handle any project, from concept to launch. Whether you want to create a simple casual NFT game crypto or a complex multiplayer game, we can make it happen.

Forget playing catch-up in the gaming industry. With Fracas NFT gaming development agency by your side, you dominate from Day One. 

Our developers lock down your game with impenetrable security and cutting-edge blockchain tech, whether on mobile or desktop. But that’s just the foundation. Unlike most development companies, we strive to stay abreast of the latest trends. This way, we can constantly scale and evolve your game with the hottest features and innovations. 

Our company cares about your finances too. That’s why we’re intentional about creating NFT games that are not only entertaining but also profitable. We can help minimize your games by selling NFTs, creating a loyal fan base, and generating passive income.

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Our NFT Game Development Services

NFT game building isn't a walk in the park. To make this high-stake adventure easier for you, we offer the following services:

Multi-Operating Systems Development

Do you want to build an Android or iOS game? Or maybe you’d prefer Windows or Mac? Well, our service isn’t confined to a single operating system corner. We build across platforms. We have the tools and expertise to make your game shine, regardless of where the players choose to play. 

Full-Featured NFT Games

You can also trust us to create NFT games that have all the features and functionalities that you and your players expect. The most popular expectations are smooth gameplay and interface, monetization, social and multiplayer features, leaderboards, and achievements.


If you’d like your game to reach a wider audience of mobile gamers, we can handle that too. We not only optimize your game for mobile devices but also ensure that it works excellently on various resolutions. Besides, we can help you publish your game on popular stores like Google Play and the Apple Store. 

Game Art Design

From mesmerizing landscapes to unforgettable characters, Fracas brings your vision to life with stunning visuals. Our in-house artists create immersive worlds that leave players breathless and begging for more. They can also work with various styles and genres, like pixel art, fantasy, etc. 

Quality Assurance

Bugs? Glitches? Not in our vocabulary. Our games development agency uses rigorous quality assurance processes, ensuring your game is polished, bug-free, and ready to stand the test of time. We don’t launch anything less than flawless, because your reputation and your players’ experience are everything.

Ongoing Support

We believe in building relationships, not just games. That’s why Fracas offers ongoing gaming support, from post-launch optimization to strategic guidance. We’re your partner in success, here to help your NFT game evolve and dominate the arena. Case in point: Pesky Penguins

How the Magic Happens

Fracas’ NFT game platform follows a systematic and agile NFT game development process that ensures quality, efficiency, and satisfaction. Our process consists of six main stages:

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How to Get Started

Share Your Vision

Drop us a line—email, phone—we’re flexible. Tell us your NFT game vision and your wildest dreams. We’ll listen, collaborate, and ignite the spark together.

Get a Free Consultation:

Our crypto developers and designers will analyze your vision, tailor a development plan, and answer all your burning questions. You’ll leave with a clear roadmap to conquer the NFT world.

We bring your game to life

Ready to make it real? Sign on the dotted line and watch our devs bring your masterpiece to life, from meticulous development to strategic launch. 

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Other Services

Other Services We Offer 

Apart from NFT games development, our devs and marketers also offer several other solid services, including 

What is NFT game development?

Can NFT be used for gaming?

How do you earn in NFT games?

Earnings in an NFT game on a mobile or desktop platform vary depending on the game’s design. Some common ways include:

  • Playing the game: Completing quests, winning battles, or achieving milestones might reward you with NFTs or cryptocurrency.
  • Trading NFTs: Buy and sell in-game items on specialized marketplaces, profiting from price fluctuations.
  • Breeding or crafting NFTs: Combine existing NFTs to create new, rarer ones with higher value.

What does NFT stand for in games?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. In games, NFTs represent unique and irreplaceable virtual items like characters, weapons, land plots, or other digital assets.

How much can you earn from NFT games?

Earnings in NFT games are highly variable and depend on factors like the game’s popularity, the value of its NFTs, and the player’s skill and time investment. Some players have earned impressive sums, while others might see minimal financial gain. Remember, NFT games are primarily for entertainment, and earning potential should be considered a bonus, not a guarantee.