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Why Choose Fracas? 

Well, the reason is simple: we offer the best NFT minting service in the industry. Whether you are an artist, a collector, or a brand, we can help you create unique and valuable NFTs with ease and efficiency. We have the experience and expertise to handle any NFT project, no matter how big or small.

Just look at our track record. For instance, we helped LuckyPunx mint their collection of 7,777 NFTs successfully. We also helped them with NFT marketing, which exploded at the height of the bear market, trending #1 on OpenSea and completely selling out. That’s a glimpse of how easy minting an NFT successfully can be with us.

Fracas is not just a minting service. We are also a strategic partner that can help you gain a competitive edge in the NFT market with minimal costs. We offer a range of services and features that can make your NFTs stand out from the crowd. Some examples include:

  • Customizable smart contracts and metadata
  • Low gas fees and fast transactions
  • Cross-chain site compatibility and interoperability
  • NFT minting website development
  • Professional and creative design and development
  • Effective and targeted NFT marketing and promotion

With Fracas, you can create NFTs that are not only beautiful and original, but also profitable and scalable. So, don’t settle for less.

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Our NFT Minting Services

Here are some of the services we provide, depending on the type of NFT you want to mint:

Tailored Minting Magic

No two projects are identical, and neither are our minting solutions. We work closely with you, understanding your vision and crafting a bespoke minting strategy that perfectly aligns with your needs. We’ll also guide you through critical aspects like gas fees, smart contracts, and other solutions. 

Royalty Standard

Earn passive income from your collection with our royalty standard. Besides minting NFT, we can help you set up a smart contract that automatically pays you a percentage of every secondary NFTs sale. You decide how much royalty you want to receive, and you get paid every time your NFTs change hands.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Minting is just the beginning. We believe in giving your minted NFT the spotlight it deserves. Our integrated marketing services help you reach your target audience, build hype, and fuel organic growth for your collection. All you have to do is sit and watch as your audience grows. 

Scalable Development 

Dreaming big? We’ve got your back. Our minting infrastructure is built to seamlessly scale with your ambitions. Whether you anticipate a slow ramp-up or an explosive launch, our platform handles it all with grace and efficiency. No bottlenecks, no hiccups—just smooth sailing. 

IPFS File Storage

Store your NFT files securely and reliably with our IPFS file storage. We use the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized and distributed network that ensures your NFT files are always accessible and immutable. You can rest assured that your NFTs will never be tampered with.

Chain Flexibility

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of choosing your preferred blockchain with our chain flexibility service. We support multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more. If you want, we can also help you switch between these blockchains seamlessly. 

Fracas NFT Minting Process

Unlike most NFT minting platforms, we don’t just mint NFTs; we forge them from the fires of your imagination. Here’s how we achieve that:

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How to Get Started

If you’re ready to mint your NFTs with our service, here are some simple steps to follow:

Share Your Vision

No blueprint starts without a dream. Tell us about your NFT vision, your target audience, and what makes your collection unique. We’ll listen, brainstorm, and guide you toward your digital masterpiece.

Craft Your Masterplan

With your vision ignited, we’ll design the user experience, NFT integration, and marketing magic. Every detail, including the interactions and visuals, will be tailored to your NFT.

Bring Your NFTs to Life

Our developers and artists will work their magic, transforming your ideas into a fully realized collection. From code to canvas, pixels to powerhouses, we’ll breathe life into your vision. 

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Other Services

Other Services We Offer 

Apart from minting NFTs, our full-cycle web3 agency also offers several services, such as:

What does minting an NFT mean?

How much does it cost to mint 1 NFT?

What is the easiest way to mint an NFT?

Work with an agency. While platforms like OpenSea and Rarible allow direct minting, the process can be technical and intimidating for beginners. Working with an experienced agency like Fracas Digital can offer several benefits:

  • Guided process: Fracas can handle the technical aspects of minting, ensuring your NFT is created and listed correctly. We can also handle NFT minting website development for you. 
  • Expertise: They can advise on optimal platforms, fees, and storage solutions based on your needs. We also double as one of the best NFT game developmemt companies. So, you’re getting a full-features service.  
  • Exposure: Fracas has connections and Web3 marketing strategies to help your NFT reach a wider audience.

Consider Fracas as your one-stop shop for a smooth and successful NFT minting experience.

What is the difference between minting and selling an NFT?

Minting creates the NFT and adds it to the blockchain, establishing ownership. Selling involves listing the NFT on a marketplace and finding a buyer who purchases it using cryptocurrency. You can mint an NFT without immediately selling it, but you can’t sell it unless it’s been minted first.