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Ether #5478

December 2, 2023 Ether #5478 Ether 0x81d6a3c844a9fb452ed069e9fc16cf37f137a58e
Step into the ETHER. Ether is an anime-themed project built on the Ethereum blockchain that combines fashion, innovation, and story-telling. The project consists of 5,555 characters within its universe. Aiming to become one of the first luxury brands to use blockchain technology to create high-quality clothing and collectibles. Ether seeks to create a collaborative and immersive narrative that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. Born to create, create to inspire.
BASE: Human (M)
TOPS: Random Ass Poor People
HAIR: Pony Tail (M)
EYES: Despair
HANDS: Phone Call
HAT: Bamboo Hat