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Fight for the Open Metaverse

January 2, 2024 Fight for the Open Metaverse The Memes by 6529 0x33fd426905f149f8376e227d0c9d3340aad17af1
A brawl on the blockchain for an Open Metaverse Meme: 6 Season: 1 Card: 7
Palette: Color
Dynamic: No
Interactive: No
3D: No
Type: Card
Mystery: None
Secrets: None
Sibling: None
Pepe: No
GM: No
Points - Power: 69
Bonus: None
Type - Season: 1
Tulip: No
Punk 6529: No
Element: Earth
Gradient: No
Movement: Yes
Collab: Yes
Style: Video
Meme Name: Open Metaverse / OM
Type - Meme: 6
Clothing: Summer Casual
OM: Yes
Points - Wisdom: 50
Issuance Month: 2022/10
Points - Loki: 10
Summer: Yes
Artist: NeonGlitch86
Jewel: Topaz
Superpower: Flying Front Kick
Dharma: Openness
Gear: Sunglasses
Weapon: Foot
Home: Unknown
Parent: XCOPY
Food: Sushi
Drink: Champagne
Points - Speed: 80
Boost: Adrenaline
Type - Card: 23