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Lucky Punx 6837

February 26, 2023 Lucky Punx 6837 ethereum 0xbb80f5ce5d443fa4fb971272841f6ebd7ab758f0
Behold our brethren of expertly crafted avatars, now awakened and ready to run riot. 7,777 Lucky Punx, every one of us unique, produced by a creative team with over 2 decades of digital experience working with global brands. Lab-grown to bring the concept of luck on-chain, we utilise luck as a trait. That luck will determine the journey you choose. Do you feel Lucky, Punx?
Clan: Originals
Body: Dark Skin Female
Mouth: Female
Accessory: None
Eyewear: Yellow Gangster
Arm: Dark Arm Brown Sleeve
Background: Green 2-tone Stripes
Clothing: Brown Hawaiian Shirt
Headwear: Blonde Hair Style 2