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Taking Your Site to the Top of the Results

Pay-Per-Click Marketing To Suit Every Budget

Fracas Digital is the PPC agency that offers results-driven services to take your website to the top of the search results. By maximising the effectiveness of your advertising spend, we run some of the best ads on Google, Bing, and beyond. 

It's the informed approach to digital marketing that will get you seen and increase your conversion rate.

What is PPC? 

Pay Per Click (PPC) is also known simply as 'paid search'. It's a digital marketing model that involves running high-quality adverts that you only pay for when they're clicked. With the right approach, your website could appear at the top of the search engine results pages as 'sponsored' content.

A well planned PPC campaign is the best way to get real return on investment, as your site will be seen by scores of search engine users. It's the smart way to beat even the best of search engine optimisation (SEO) based campaigns.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services

Our expert team offers a full complement of PPC management services, making it easy to improve your business's presence online. We work hard to ensure you're showing high-quality adverts in the right places, and to the right people.

Comprehensive PPC Audit Services

Whether you're starting from scratch or running pay per click advertising already, we'll conduct a full review to identify any areas for improvement. Our PPC services are granular and we're not afraid to get down into the detail, so you can benefit from data-driven PPC management strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

Our pay per click services encompass all search engine platforms and will help you to take your online marketing efforts to the next level. Our SEM experts will make a world of difference to your web traffic figures, leaving you with better leads and more sales.

Google Ads PPC Management

Google is a competitive place, but your brand really could dominate the search engine results pages. Our successful PPC campaigns are engineered to increase the visibility of your website on Google, and will make a long-term difference to your traffic from search engines.

Target Audience Mapping

PPC is all about reaching the right people, in the right place and at the right time. We'll help you to clearly define your audience and will make certain that your business development spend is geared towards making a measurable difference to conversion rates.

Paid Social Media Ads

We take social media management to a new level with fully targeted advertising that makes an impact. Covering all major platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn, and Instagram to Twitter, we can even run creative YouTube ads that'll get your business noticed.

The PPC Agency That's Right On The Money

Our PPC experts focus on providing return on ad spend. Their approach to PPC is unapologetically unique, and they have years of experience on the ground and in PPC agencies to back up their business-focused strategies. 

From writing quality ad copy to finding new and creative ways to reach new customers online, our successful PPC campaigns are tailormade to improve brand awareness and drive lead creation. You'll be left with an almost immediate uplift in your site traffic, a measurable return on ad spend, and better brand performance on Google and beyond.

PPC Services to Target Sectors, People, and Profits

Successful advertising is about much more than just running paid ads. Our accomplished and friendly team work hard across all areas of marketing to ensure your website can make a real splash online. From design and development through to multimedia ad production, we've got your back.

PPC Services for eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is saturated, but our experts know exactly how to improve your online reach. From getting your products onto Google shopping searches through to enhancing webpages for your products or services, our PPC specialists will make a real difference to your bottom line.

PPC for Professional Services

Professional Services firms work hard, but it's not always easy to set yourself apart from the competition. Working with major firms of solicitors and accountancy practices through to award-winning business brokers, Fracas Digital makes it easy to find new clients online.

B2B PPC Services

Whether you offer products or a service, an effective PPC strategy could make all the difference to your sales figures. From appearing at the top of Google results pages to making more of your display advertising attempts, we'll enhance your sales funnel with an efficient approach PPC advertising.

Display Ads and Remarketing

From increasing sales volumes amongst your existing customers to reaching new ones on Google shopping and across the internet, display ads are the accessible and affordable form of PPC. Our team will help you to target the best potential clients at the lowest possible price.

Perform Better Online with Pay Per Click

Paid search awards a veritable return on spend to firms that need to make the most of their money. With decades of experience running Google ads (previously Adwords) and even managing paid ads to target previous customers, our PPC services are designed with conversion in mind. 

Fracas Digital is the professional PPC agency that looks beyond the adverts to create effective PPC campaigns that can be crafted to suit any budget. With our expert team at the wheel, your PPC campaign will create valuable leads that convert day in, day out.