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The popularisation of NFTs and crypto have fuelled developments in web 3 and digital marketing. At Fracas Digital, we have the expertise to help our clients navigate the web 3 landscape.

What is Web 3?

Web3 is the third iteration of the internet – its aim is to provide users with more intelligent and connected internet services.

What Makes Web 3.0 Different?

Web1 - the first generation of the internet - was a static, read-only web. The following generation - Web 2.0 - is the version of the internet we are currently familiar with. It is centred around user-generated content shared on interactive web platforms such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), blogs (Tumblr), and media-sharing websites (Youtube). With advancements in new technologies, web 3 has the potential to transform the future of internet services. It could provide a more reliable and enhanced user experience, allowing users to gain more autonomy over their data, privacy, and content. Its defining features include a decentralized data network, The Semantic Web and blockchain technology.

Decentralised Data Network

Instead of relying on a single server, the decentralized web relies on many, providing a more scalable, reliable network. Data passes through multiple points (making it harder to track) and is owned by the user (as opposed to tech giants like Google or Microsoft).

Semantic Web

This technology aims to make searching on the internet more efficient by making data on the web machine-readable. This will provide more accurate search results, creating an enhanced user experience.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology incorporates a digital record of transactions that are fixed, secure, and anonymous. Using multiple computers linked by a peer-to-peer network, a blockchain records the movement of digital assets like NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens).

How Will Web 3 Transform Digital Marketing?

The evolution of digital marketing has always been parallel to the expansion of the internet. Like traditional marketing, web 1 advertising was one-sided, consisting of web banners on websites that were passively consumed. Web 2 advanced digital marketing and public relations, using social media to increase brand awareness and create a two-way communication channel between brands and consumers. Web 2 also utilises user data, tailoring ads to consumers. But web 3 has the potential to revolutionize digital marketing as we know it.

Search Engine Optimization

Web 3 marketing utilises new technologies to enhance our understanding of the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to create varied and engaging advertising suggestions, allowing marketers to deliver a better user experience through more precise ad targeting,

Enhanced Brand Experience

The Metaverse is growing rapidly in popularity - this is epitomised by Facebook changing its name to Meta - and is already being utilised within marketing by brands like H&M and Nike. The Metaverse will expand the possibilities of digital marketing, no longer limiting it to screens. Consumers will have access to virtual and augmented reality spaces, encouraging immersive participation to deliver an enhanced brand experience. This will lead to greater opportunities within the virtual events market, with consumer demand for more exploratory experiences where customers can manage what content to engage with and when. These brand experiences will be key to standing out and ensuring the focus is on building relationships and creating community with clients.

Loyalty Schemes

Cryptocurrency - digital currency exchanged on the blockchain - could be utilised as a part of web 3 marketing efforts in the future. For example, companies could reward customers with tokens instead of loyalty points or vouchers. Since proof of ownership is verified via the blockchain, this could provide a business with the opportunity to reward or even give additional digitalized assets (such as NFT content) to proven loyal customers.

Data Autonomy

Currently, tech giants such as Google collect and use consumer data. In a decentralised web, user privacy is protected behind blockchain encryption. Users can therefore evade targeted website ads and traditional methods of advertiser tracking, or monetize it themselves.

Preparing Your Business for Web 3

We know web 3 will revolutionize the digital marketing landscape - but how will this affect your business?


The decentralised nature of web 3 means it will be user-centric. The lack of a single governing body will grant users greater autonomy over their data and privacy, as well as transparency from companies. By having a more active role in how their data is used, the power will be in the hands of consumers.

Emphasis on Community

DApps (decentralised applications) are a form of blockchain application and are rapidly growing in popularity. One example of a DApp is DTube, a media-sharing website similar to YouTube. Media-sharing platforms are often criticised for unfair censorship and prioritising the needs of advertisers above content creators and influencers. Without a single governing body, creators will have more autonomy over their content creation and can develop stronger communities and more authentic relationships with their followers. Virtual communities will grow in popularity and it will become essential for businesses to participate in order to connect and stay relevant among their audiences.

Blockchain Technologies

The blockchain industry has grown rapidly as NFTs and cryptocurrency have become popularised. Businesses will have to adapt marketing strategies to keep up with the evolving web 3 market. Brands are already beginning to create their own metaverse spaces and NFT content. As web 3 becomes more mainstream, blockchain companies and digital marketing agencies that specialise in web 3 services are a key investment in the future of your business.

Who Are Fracas Digital?

Fracas Digital are the most trusted blockchain and NFT marketing agency in the UK. As a company, we aim for the highest level of client satisfaction, implementing marketing strategies specific to the web 3 environment within your marketing budget. Our highly experienced team has the knowledge, expertise and technology to guide clients into the exciting world of NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.