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Smart Contract Auditing Services

Smart Contracts are a crucial element of any crypto project, designed to eliminate flaws that would be exploited to perform unauthorised activities such as minting tokens.

During Smart Contract Auditing, the auditor provides the client with a report which specifies all detected contract vulnerabilities, and their severity level.

Protect You Blockchain Project With Smart Contract Security Audits

In a blockchain database, all users have the exact same copy of data, therefore - there are no middlemen. It is a decentralised solution perfect for companies that want to record financial transactions, e.g. cryptocurrency, but also transactions of anything of value.

Even though blockchains solutions for software are usually regarded as very safe, and much safer to the web2 alternative, it is still common for hackers to use security flaws to break into blockchain applications.

Companies wanting to protect their blockchain projects and gain independent feedback on their smart contract security need to work with Smart Contract Auditing Agencies to make external calls.

Smart Contract Auditing Services for Double Security

In a blockchain database, every user has the same copy of the same database, and there are no middlemen. It is a decentralised database which records financial transactions such as cryptocurrency, but also transactions of anything of value.

This means that software solutions based on blockchain are usually regarded as much safer, but it is still unfortunately very common for blockchain-based software to undergo hacker attacks.

In order to better secure their blockchain project from being hacked and valuable information and money being stolen, companies and individuals should work with a blockchain development agency.

At Fracas, our team of blockchain developers and specialists will ensure your blockchain project is safe and protected from hacking. We will provide custom solutions for the security of your blockchain system, and design and develop a robust security system to ensure maximal protection against hackers.

Pick FRACAS for Professional Smart Contract Auditing

As a versatile web3 studio, which has not only audited Smart Contracts for hundreds of clients, but is also working in Smart Contract Development, and therefore knows Smart Contracts from the inside, FRACAS is the right company to audit your Smart Contract to prevent Security Incidents.

Experienced Smart Contract Audit Team

Versed in solutions for blockchain businesses, FRACAS is a web3 studio which has successfully audited Smart Contracts for hundreds of clients.

On request, our company will not only run a security audit but also create smart contracts.

We offer:

Automated Testing Tools Development

Unit Tests

Security Assessment

Software Development

Bug Detection Software Development

Audit Reports

Manual Review

Final Report

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Benefits of a Smart Contract Audit and Diligence’s Ethereum Security Service

Your specially assigned project team use industry-leading smart contract auditing tools to guide you through the security audit process.

We are web3 veterans who will ensure that your Ethereum application is ready for launch, built to protect users and flash loan attacks proof.


Smart contract audit cost at a late stage of development can be daunting. Early-audited projects prevent potentially drastic problems and code vulnerabilities after launch.

Automatic Scans

Our automated security analysis tools will provide affordable security solutions and make sure that your blockchain code is fortified.

Continuous Verification

Our team of certified professionals in marketing, content creation and blockchain technology will analyse your project and cater the services specifically towards it. We are as passionate about blockchain as you are.

Professional Reporting

We will not only provide Smart Contract security audit for your blockchain project but also monitor any vulnerabilities as you update the code.

Smart Contract Audit Services

Expert Review

Our team of veteran smart contract auditors will run manual checks on your code to eliminate any inconsistencies.

Enterprise Security Guidance

We will support your company at all stages of blockchain development, including auditing and formal verification. Fracas will make your development environment safe and ready for launch.

Threat Modeling

We will look for and potential threats and identify entry points for hackers to visualise your application's attack surface. Based on that data, we will update your threat model for evolving risks.

Incident Response Planning

Our development team will build tools and monitoring infrastructure to fortify your project but also arm it with tools to mitigate and respond to security incidents.

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What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a digital contract set to automatically execute transactions after set conditions are met, without mediation.

What sets Fracas as an expert in Blockchain Security?

Experience and transparency set us apart from all other web3 studios. We are transparent in our services, flexible, and professional. We do not only run smart contract audits - we also develop smart contracts, therefore, we know the industry from the inside.

Our team of certified professionals in marketing, content creation and blockchain technology will analyse your project and cater the services specifically towards it. We are as passionate about blockchain as you are.

Why do blockchain projects rely on smart contracts?

A smart contract is a tool that facilitates trade between two parties without a need for a middleman. This process disintermediates the digital transaction market and provides security, transparency and near real-time execution. Smart contracts are a perfect tool to ensure the credibility and trustworthiness of transactions, therefore, they are a must-have for any blockchain business.